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Published On 12/1/2023
The Founding Fathers maintained that the success of the fragile American democracy would depend on the competency of its citizens. They believed strongly that preserving democracy would require an educated population that could understand political and social issues and would participate in civic life, vote wisely, protect their rights and freedoms, and resist tyrants and demagogues. The critical role of an educated electorate to an effective democracy makes a high-quality system of public education a democracy issue. Any effort to weaken our system of public education or thwart its fundamental role of preparing citizens for self-governance, weakens our democracy.
There appears to be a War being waged on public education in Ohio and around the country and we should be ready to protect democracy by preventing the rise of policies that weaken public education for all.
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Published On 11/12/2023
“An Educated Public Needs Public Education” was the title of a League sponsored panel discussion at Lourdes University Franciscan Center on Thursday evening, November 9, 2023. Promoted as a Hot Button Issue, the event was well-attended. Panelists Teresa Fedor, Amy Natyshak and Randall Parker III provided perspective, reviewed concerns and answered questions from the audience.
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Published On 7/1/2023
Previously published March 10, 2023 in Ohio Capitol Journal.
This commentary is a summary of the events leading to the conviction of Householder and Borges. The article also contains access to previous articles for refreshing your memory of the history as reported.

Many other politicians were involved with the activites that Householder & Borges were convicted and sentenced.
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Published On 6/1/2023
The purpose of the "Intellectual Diversity" Centers proposed by SB 117 is questioned by students & professors.
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Published On 5/28/2023
SB 83 adds restrictions on college curriculum
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Published On 5/17/2023
College IDs were once accepted as photo IDs for voting but no longer in Ohio and some other states. Lawmakers question the out-of-state college students' residency, even though many full time students live in the college town/city for 9 months or more each year. Disenfranchising out-of-state college students or even in-state college students who may be hours away from the home town voting booth is a distinctive possibility. Take a look at an article, "New Voter ID requirements put out-of-state college students 'between a rock and a deep place' " written by Megan Henry, published by Ohio Capital Journal, 04/03/2023.
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Published On 4/28/2023
Artificial Intelligence is presenting challenges that make fact checking more difficult
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Published On 9/23/2022
School Boards may restrict curriculum, textbooks and other teaching materials but lately state legislatures are passing laws that ban certain topics such as race, sex. PEN America, an organization for writers founded 100 years ago, follows censorship seriously. "America's Censored Classrooms" by Jeremy C. Young and Jonathan Friedman was published on August 17, 2022 and can be found on PEN America's website at
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