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LWV  Toledo-Lucas County

Approved October 16, 2023

League of Women Voters of Toledo-Lucas County Bylaws 

Approved October 16, 2023

Bylaws Approved 10/16/23

[A table of Contents is provided here to better identify what part of the Bylaws you might like to review.]

Table of Contents

Article I.  Name and Form


Section 1: Name

Section 2. Form.


Article II.  Purposes and Policy


Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Educational and Political Policy
Section 3. Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [DEI]

Article III.  Membership


Section 1. Eligibility

Section 2. Types of Membership


Article IV.  Officers


Section 1. Enumeration and Election of Officers

Section 2. President(s)

Section 3. Vice-President(s)

Section 4. Secretary                      

Section 5. Treasurer

Article V.  Board of Directors


Section 1. Number, Manner of Selection, and Terms of Office

Section 2. Qualifications

Section 3. Powers and Duties

Section 4: Vacancies

Section 5. Legal Liability

Section 6. Executive Committee

Section 7. Meetings

Section 8. Quorum


Article VI. Meetings


Section 1. Membership Meetings

Section 2. Annual Meeting

Section 3. Virtual Meetings/Communication

Section 4. Quorum

Section 5. Meeting Cancellation and Rescheduling


Article VII. Nomination and Elections


Section 1. Nominating Committee

Section 2. Report of the Nominating Committee and Nominations from the Floor

Section 3Elections


Article VIII. Advocacy Positions


Section 1. Principles

Section 2. Advocacy Positions

Section 3. Action by the Annual Meeting

Section 4. Changes in the Advocacy Positions between Annual Meetings

Section 5. New Advocacy Positions

Section 6. Member Action


Article IX. National and State Conventions


Section 1. National Convention

Section 2. State Convention


Article X. Financial Administration


Section 1. Fiscal Year

Section 2. Dues

Section 3. Finance Committee

Section 4. Financial Support of LWVO and LWVUS

Section 5. Distribution of Funds on Dissolution


Article X. Parliamentary Authority


Article XII. Bylaws Committee and Amendments


Section 1. Bylaws Committee 

Section 2. Amendments

Section 3. Effective Date of Amendments

The League of Woman Voters of Toledo-Lucas County is
a member of Northwest Ohio Community Shares

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